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We have decades of experience in writing embedded firmware, device drivers, and desktop software across a wide range of industries and products. Summit Scientific uses a structured approach to design by thoroughly reviewing and refining requirements in the investigation phase. By clearly identifying the client´s needs up front, Summit Scientific can proceed with the appropriate set of technologies and design practices to deliver the right solution. Once the investigation is complete, a rigorous process is followed that includes; design, implementation, unit test, system test, and documentation. Modern computer science methodologies (design patterns, coding standards, best practices) are used throughout the process to ensure robust, maintainable, and extensible code. In addition, reviews take place at every major development milestone in order to ensure accurate deliverables to the client.


Our experience with analog and digital design spans a broad spectrum of products that include; audio/video, medical, network, data acquisition, and control devices. Our objective is to deliver the right solution at the lowest cost using applicable cutting edge technology. As with all of our development projects, a step-wise engineering process is central to our philosophy of building quality products that exceed the stated requirements. We use circuit simulation tools to validate designs early in the process in order to avoid problems down the road and our printed circuit board (PCB) layout/fabrication capabilities can produce pre-production assets for your next project.


Proper mechanical design is not only based on physical requirements and standards, but it also has to look good and operate efficiently from a usability perspective. The process of separating design constraints from look-and-feel is an important one in order to maximize functionality, ease of use, and marketability. We use state-of-the-art CAD tools to design, test, and simulate parts in a 3D virtual environment. Through this process we can carefully review and refine the design before it reaches physical form. Once the design is approved, we can render prototype and pre-production parts through a variety of processes that include; SLA, Cast Polyurethane, Sheetmetal, and CNC using a wide array of materials.


We have an extensive background in conducting targeted research that includes literature reviews, prototype development, and publishing. In some cases, our clients vision for a product or feature exists at a high-level and may be unproven from a technology or process perspective. By using an applicable research methodology, we can help uncover the level of detail required for a single or series of pragmatic prototypes that can lead to a practical design. Data collection and analysis are at the core of what we do on a daily basis and is a critical ingredient to understanding the problem domain. This approach often results in true innovation that can generate intellectual property for our clients.

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