You Need A Partner For Your Next Project !

Summit Scientific has both the industrial experience and academic background to provide the level of engineering services that can rapidly transition your concepts from the drawing board to reality. This outcome is achieved by developing a close partnership that spans the distance from identifying requirements to delivering the final product. Our mission is to Advance the Art of Engineering, which is a concept that embodies so much more than simply writing code, designing a circuit, or developing a 3D model.

You Need A Partner With A Proven Track Record !

Technology is continuing to advance at an exponential rate, which creates amazing opportunities for innovation through applied research and development.
Building a team of professionals to execute on an idea however remains a challenging component of most start-ups and established organizations. Recruiting and retaining individual employees with the right background can be a daunting task with no guarantees of success. In contrast, enlisting the targeted services of an established firm with a proven track record can quickly augment your team with the right resources to get the job done.

You Need A Partner With Experience !

As a multi-discipline engineering firm, our company has the ability to seamlessly move between software, hardware, mechanical, and research development tasks.
With over 30 years of real-world engineering experience, doctoral level education, academic and industry publications, multiple patents, and seasoned project management skills, Summit can provide the level of service, quality, and integrity that your vision demands. Our ability to quickly come up to speed on varied topics through research and hands on experimentation sets us apart from boiler plate engineering firms. Your project or idea is unique, it is evolving, and you need a partner on your team that can be productive in the face of ambiguity. Applying the scientific method, documenting results, providing practical options, identifying tangible points of leverage, and developing assets are all key ingredients to Summit’s approach.

You Need A Partner That Can Deliver Results !

At the end of the day, results matter. Being a team player and delivering on commitments matter. Developing and working towards a common goal translates to success for your company and ours.

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