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Summit Scientific, Inc. was founded on the principal of providing high quality multi-discipline engineering services at a low cost

We are very proud that we have continued to meet or exceeded our clients expectations for the past 10 years. Our background includes decades of real world software, hardware, mechanical and research engineering experience across a broad range of products and industries. We also have a strong academic foundation upon which to leverage leading-edge modern engineering concepts. This allows us to work smarter rather than harder, which results in a better design and lower cost for the client.


Robert Van Rooyen, PhD

(CEO, Senior Engineer, Scientist)

Robert holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Victoria along with a Master of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. Robert has over three decades of engineering experience across a wide range of products and industries. He has served as the principal or key contributor to several large and small technology companies over his career thus far, which in addition to technical depth, affords him a strong background in business and project management. Robert holds several patents and has published both academic works and industry whitepapers. Aside from his professional and academic pursuits, he is also an avid motorcycle rider and musician.


Lisa Marston, BBM


Lisa is a graduate of Sacramento State with a BA, in Business Management and Administration. She is an experienced business owner with a background in accounting and business management. Lisa has owned several businesses over her career and though her background is in real estate she has taken what she has learned from her formal education, experience as a business owner and mentorship from many people in a variety of vocations to learn the many aspects of business. Lisa also feels strongly about giving back and started and organization to help women, Women on The Move with the motto of “Live, Learn, Inspire”, to provide guidance and offer women practical, useful information to assist them in being self-reliant and successful in their lives.


Eric LaForest, PhD

(Principal Engineer)

Eric holds a PhD and MASc in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Independent Studies (BIS) from the University of Waterloo, and a Diploma in Computer Engineering Technology from Algonquin College. He has published multiple papers and journal articles on soft-processor architecture for FPGAs, including one of the top 25 papers in the first 20 years of the ACM FPGA Symposium. Eric has a decade of experience in high-speed logic design for FPGAs, and developed techniques for early timing closure, parallel scaling, multi-ported memories, and highly modular Verilog design. He has over 20 years of experience working in Linux environments, including system administration, application development, embedded and real-time programming, and kernel module development.


Max Rukosuyev, PhD

(Principal Engineer)

Max holds a PhD and BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Victoria along with a BSc in Radio-physics/Electronics from Taurida State University. He has several years of teaching experience in Machining of Advanced Materials and has published multiple journal articles on topics such as Nanoparticle Coating Systems and Synthesis of Polymer Composites. Max has over a decade of research engineering experience in the field of manufacturing and design with deep knowledge in laser micro-manufacturing, computer aided manufacturing/design, scanning electron microscopy, and compound optical microscopy.


Steve Patterson, BSEE

(Principal Engineer)

Steve holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with an EIT professional designation. He has over three decades of electronic engineering and management experience with telecom equipment, medical devices, biotech, imaging, battery powered devices, and a variety of other products in both large companies, and small start-ups. Steve has extensive board design experience that includes FPGA and ASIC designs. His deep management experience and communications skills continue to enhance his ability to understand the big picture and identify issues early in the development process towards the benefit of his clients and colleagues. In his spare time, he mentors students in the world championship Vex Robotics competition, participates in local high schools as a STEM tutor, and continues to be an active member of the education community.


Louis Guérin, C.I.D.+

(Senior PCB Layout Engineer)

During his studies in electronic technology with a specialization in communications at Cégep de St-Laurent, in Montreal, Louis developed a passion for the design or printed circuits. Since then, he has worked for several high tech companies, most of them working more specifically in the field of non-destructive test equipments. Used to work on projects requiring high volume, from a few thousand units per month to 5 million units per year, Louis also likes to participate in the development of prototypes as well as proof on concept. Sole proprietor since 2013, he deals with all aspects of board realization, taking care of the needs of PCB manufacturers through assembly and test perspective. He also deals with all the requirements from design intent to final product at lowest cost. With 33 years of experience, he’s always looking for new ways to improve product performance.


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